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Specialty Custom Design Requests

Robert Mark Golf has successfully designed exceptional golf accessories for our customers looking to upcycle or repurpose specific materials.

Examples of some unique projects we have handcrafted for customers include:

  • A custom patchwork scorecard holder made from multiple upcycled headcovers sewn back together in a patchwork design. 
  • A vintage baseball glove including the laces that we deconstructed and redesigned into an heirloom driver headcover.
  • Deconstructing a man's hockey gear/guards and redesigning it into headcover set of Driver, Fairway Wood and Hybrid.
  • Taking a vintage designer bag such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci and upcycling the usable leather into a rare one-of-a-kind beautiful hybrid headcover.

Each of these projects is unique and the cost will vary depending on many factors. These include: design time, availability of materials, construction issues etc.

Questions or interest in a specialty custom design request?

Please contact us at for more information or for quote on a project.

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